Phantom Case Reviews

Perfect for even the most active, sporty and tough lifestyles, our new rugged case Phantom combines protection with sleekness and sophistication. We launched this case at CES 2012 and gave away more than 1,000 of them to people that visited our booth. Check out some of the videos, tweets and full product reviews by bloggers that have already gotten their hands on a Phantom.

The rugged Phantom case is two pieces. A front snap on screen protector guards the screen. It consists of protective pads on the top and bottom and a clear shield over the screen. (NOTE: The samples we gave away at CES did not have the clear shield over the screen; however, all Phantom cases sold online and in retail stores do include this piece.) The back shell consists of three layers, a soft outer shell made of TPE, a hard inner layer made of PC, and a final soft inner layer of TPE.

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Video Reviews

Phantom Review

Reviews from Customers

NOTE: Case-Mate does not fabricate reviews. All consumer reviews are approved unless they are deemed abusive/obscene; violate a law/regulation; infringe on someone’s intellectual property rights; are not related to that specific Case-Mate product; or are false or misleading. Our team works hard to investigate negative reviews and correct any major issues our customers might have.

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