Case-Mate Featured in Vogue

Vogue recently featured several of our fashion forward iPhone cases in their article Making the Case for Synchronized Fashion: Match Your iPhone’s Look to Your Own by Katherine Bernard.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 -

The iPhone—flush with apps for recording our caloric intake, sleep patterns, and every social interaction—increasingly feels like part of our corporeality; it’s become a technological, hyper-productive extension of ourselves. And since we reach for our devices oftener than we reach for a glass of water (even if you do drink that virtuous goal of eight per day), and because they come out with us more regularly than any other favorite accessory, it’s time to outfit the iPhone with seasonal trends in mind. In the slideshow above, Vogue selects iPhone cases inspired by spring statements, so whether your warm-weather wardrobe is channeling the pearly pastels at Louis Vuitton or athletic mesh and racing stripes from Alexander Wang, your iPhone will be in sync. 

Alexander Wang Spring 2012 -


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