iPhone 5 smartphone cases | New iPhone Cases

iPhone 5 launch date is upon us and aren’t we all very excited? Of course with any new iPhone comes a range of iPhone cases to protect your new shiny device. Whether you are looking for something unique for your iPhone5, Case-Mate has a full rage of cases to suit your unique style!

So what kind of stock will we carry for the new iPhone? Like our current iPhone 4 range we will have iPhone 5 Pop Cases in a range of different colors just like the image below. (iPhone 5 images for the products below are currently unavailable).

If you want still feel your new iPhone 5 as if it is without a case then we recommend the all new iPhone 5 Barely There Cases, and again like the POP they come in a range of different colors.

Ever pop into a petrol station and forget to bring your credit/debit card? Well, never forget it again by wearing this fantastic iPhone 5 Pop ID Case which will look very similar to the the iPhone 4S case, except newer to suit your iPhone 5! Simply place your ID/Cards into the actual case! How cool?

In summary,  we have an entire array of iPhone 5 covers for your new iPhone and we will be announcing our extensive range in the coming days so keep an eye on our blog!

Enjoy the iPhone 5 announcement today!

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