WIWT Contest – The Shopping Spree!

In July, Case-Mate teamed up with London fashion blogger Poppy Dinsey in a What I Wore Today (WIWT.com) contest which required fans to show that they had the RIGHT CASE for the RIGHT OCCASION by uploading a picture of their outfit with a matching Case-Mate phone case to Poppy’s outfit sharing social network, WIWT.com.

Many fashionistas entered for a chance to win not only a free round-trip ticket to London, three night hotel stay, and 20 Case-Mate cases, but also a £1,000 shopping spree with Poppy Dinsey herself! In the end there could only be one winner, and contestant Nia was chosen to receive the grand prize.

Yesterday was the day of the long-awaited shopping spree, and after a quick breakfast at Café Boheme, Nia and Poppy headed on their day of fashion fun. Nia had put a lot of thought into how she wanted to spend her spree money and had already decided that she wanted a classic piece from Burberry. With that, the first stop was naturally the new Burberry flagship store on London’s Regent Street. After trying on a few different styles, Nia settled on an iconic mid-length wide cuff trench coat in the classic trench color (we personally think it would go great with her new Case-Mate Tortoiseshell Case or iomoi Leopard Badge Case). The sleeves on the trench were a just a tad long, so Burberry is tailoring it for Nia who is expecting her beautiful new coat next week!

Next, the pair headed over to Zara to continue to shop for more wonderful pieces. Nia decided a girl just never really can have too many coats, so after trying on a gorgeous military green studded number, she ultimately went with a burgundy biker jacket that fit her style perfectly. We love this coat with her new Gold Glam Case!

Finally, Nia wanted to treat her feet to a wonderful new pair of shoes. After shopping  around, she found these great black leather ankle boots from  Miss Selfridge that topped of her shopping trip!

It must be noted, this girl knows how to sacrifice in the name of foot fashion – just look at these healed boots that she ran around London in ALL DAY LONG. We must admit, we are impressed.

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