Case-Mate BlackBerry® Z10 Collection

Case-Mate Unveils Cases for the Highly Anticipated BlackBerry® Z10

Designed for the distinctly well-styled individual, Case-Mate’s BlackBerry® Z10 Collection features cases meticulously engineered, elegantly finished, and made from premium materials that have long been established as the highest standard in quality and appearance.

CRAFTED WOODS COLLECTION: Inspired by vintage automotive interiors, the Crafted Woods Collection is a blend of premium natural materials with superior finishing detail. The texture and warmth of each wood is contrasted with a polished brushed aluminium accents creating a classic look that is a staple of sophisticated style.

  • Crafted Zebrawood, €45:  Sustainably-harvested in Central Africa, the light-colored Zebrawood is patterned with a chaotic and wavy stripping that resembles a zebra’s distinctive stripes. The dark stripes range from dark brown to black and the lighter portion ranges from light tan to golden yellow, creating an exciting alternating color pattern.  The richly-veined coarse texture of the Zebrawood wood adds a natural feel to the case and highlights the beauty and strength of the wood’s interlocking grain.

SIGNATURE COLLECTION: For the classically styled with a refined aesthetic, each product in the Signature Collection features the unmistakable look, feel, and aroma of genuine leather. A thoughtful selection of leather grains, hides and colors have been curated and crafted into a diverse array of fully wrapped leather cases.

  • Signature Flip, €35: Uncover style with the Signature Flip. Fashioned from genuine leather, the tailored design has 360-degree front and back protection. An ultra-soft microfiber lines the inside for extra protection and polish. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the boardroom and beyond. Available in Black. 

Olo by Case-Mate: Certified fun. Olo offers simple and fun cases for wide variety of mobile devices.

  • Tough Classic, €25: Built to withstand sudden drops and accidental falls, the Tough case is the epitome of protection. A snug, form fitting silicone wrap provides shock resistance, while the polycarbonate hard shell protects against impact. Available in Black. 

I MAKE MY CASEDesign your own custom case with images uploaded from your computer, Instagram or Facebook. Experiment with different layouts and background colors to create an unique case all for you!

  • Tough: Create your own custom BlackBerry Z10 case. *Available mid-February.

*Case-Mate is a member of the Built for BlackBerry program – a partnership between Research In Motion (RIM) and selected partners. Partners are given early access to BlackBerry technology in order to develop accessories and peripherals specifically designed to work with BlackBerry® smartphones and the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet.

About Case-Mate: In 2006, Case-Mate began with a simple desire; to craft a portfolio of sophisticated mobile accessories, inspired by a thoughtful approach to elegant materials, detailed assembly, and finishing detail. Our products are uniquely designed to protect, adorn and enhance the mobile devices of the distinctly well-styled individual. Experience the Case-Mate difference at


Case-Mate Media Contacts:
Kathlene Hestir, Case-Mate, 404.216.7222,

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