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Case-Mate Introduce Fashion Case Collections for the New Samsung Galaxy S4

Case-Mate, the international design company known for creating fashion-forward mobile accessories for smartphones and tablets, has released its most exciting portfolio of cases yet for the new Samsung Galaxy S IV. These new cases feature luxurious elevated materials, fresh innovative designs, and revolutionary protection and functionality.

“We are very proud to introduce a collection that marries modern mobile accessories with luxurious styles,” said Nicole Love, Case-Mate Vice President of Product Development. “From the handsome interior of a vintage Rolls Royce to the classic quilted-leather handbags of Chanel – this collection is inspired by the classic materials and iconic styling that have defined luxury for centuries. The products we’ve designed for the new Samsung Galaxy S IV are without a doubt the most fashionable and protective cases we have ever released.”

CaptureGlam, €40: Designed for elegantly styled women, the Case-Mate Glam Collection is inspired by dazzling fine jewellery that shimmers. The dynamic sparkle of the Glam Collection is created through a unique finishing process in which vibrant sparkles are captured onto a glossy, smooth surface, ensuring durability and a stunning depth of colour  Available in Champagne and Rosegold.




CaptureCarbon Fiber, €50: The Carbon Fiber Collection is crafted from the technologically advanced lightweight fibers used by Formula One race cars and luxury automobiles. By combining a weave of carbon fiber threads with a touch of brushed aluminium  the Case-Mate Carbon Fiber Collection creates a handsome aesthetic for high-performance automobile enthusiasts. Available in Argento (Silver) and Nero (Black)




Olo by Case-Mate: Certified fun! Experience happiness, right in the palm of your hand. Kick back and make a statement with high-quality, fashion-forward designs, stylized patterns and eye-catching colours  We are purveyors of affordable, everyday fun, and we want you to join the party!

CaptureSleek, €25: Sophistication is in the details. The Sleek Samsung Galaxy S4 case impresses with a blend of sleek, sporty look and top-notch protection.






Capture Cloud, €13: Stay bright with this one-piece opaque case that shines with its lightly textured finish in eye-catching colours.







About Case-Mate

Case-Mate is the leader in design of fashion-forward accessories for mobile technology and tablets. Since 2006, the company has helped consumers express their individual style with products that protect, adorn and enhance their mobile devices. Working with top designers from around the world and using cutting-edge materials, Case-Mate’s team of technology and design aficionados has created an extensive repertoire of mobile and tablet cases right for any style and every occasion. For more information, visit Follow @casemateeurope on Twitter and Like us on Facebook:

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