Polish Your Look

There is no accessory you hold more than your smartphone, so it only makes sense to match your case to your manicure. Even our friends at Refinery29 noted this trend in their most recent beauty story, seen here. Explore some of our suggested matches and browse our entire collection to find the case for your next mani at www.case-mate.eu      nails-casesFrom top left:

A little glitter on the tips of your nails is the perfect way to add some shine. Paired with this Champagne Glam case, you can create a subtle, glamorous look.

The bright colors and mix of metallic and matte polishes in this manicure are the perfect compliment for the Jessica Swift Fjura design.

The metallic shine on this polish really compliments the rich, warm tones of our Pewter Acetate case.

A modern twist on a classic look, we love this matte and glossy black French mani with our Black Madison case.

Add some simple sunglasses to a nude base for some stand out nail art that matches great with the Shades case by Elizabeth Lamb.

Add a layer of gold crackle polish on a turquoise base to recreate the warm gold striations found in our Turquoise Gem case.

With a busy pattern, sometimes you just need a bright compliment. We think this solid fuchsia works wonderfully with the Preeti design from Jessica Swift.

To add some edge to the crackle look, try using black and gold polishes instead. This combination mirrors our Gold Jet Gemstone case almost perfectly.

Try mixing patterns by pairing this striped manicure with the Spring Spray design by Tad Carpenter.

An iridescent finish can give your nail colour some dimension and it pairs perfectly with our Pearls Collection.

This iomoi Heart pattern case is a pretty match for this navy stripe and red heart nail art combination.

A classic with a classic – there is no better combination than a classic red nail and the timeless style of our Tortoiseshell case.

You can also make a statement by covering your nails completely with a bold glitter polish. This colour looks great with our Rosegold Glam case.

If you want to take a closer look on this gallery click here.

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