Top Fashion Trends Influencing Mobile and Tech Accessories No1

It is not a surprise that we have recently seen the world of technology accessories taking a more fashionable approach in the design of their products. Products ranging from speakers and headphones to iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 cases have reflected this fashion influence, allowing people to express their individuality. There are definitely some stand-out trends affecting this evolution of tech and mobile accessories, all of which have been seen on some of the most influential runways in fashion, so here is one of the top 5 fashion trends influencing tech accessories in our opinion.


The natural retro vibe has begun to grow back in to fashion in the form of wooden accessories, as noted by Vogue who points to the bags and wooden platforms seen in the Resort 2014 collections of everyone from Michael Kors to Chloe. The same is true in the world of mobile and technology accessories. See some of our favorites in the market below.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 2.11.55 PM

1. Triple C ‘iSolar Backup’ Portable Solar Battery (€36, Nordstrom) | 2. Driftwood iPad Dock (€81~, Anthropologie) | 3. Triple C ‘BluBoom’ Portable Speaker (€59, Nordstrom) | 4. iPhone 5 Zebrawood Case(€45, Case-Mate) | 5. Hasselblad Stellar Zebra Wood Camera (€1800, HasselBlad Stellar via

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