Top Fashion Trends Influencing Mobile and Tech Accessories No2

Remember, last week we started a topic on how trends are affecting tech and fashion worlds. As we said we outlined our top5 and here is second trend – Bling.

Sparkle as well as glimmer appear to constantly be on trending in style, however for springtime 2013 it had all been focused on daily bling. Day time sparkle evolved into the brand new bold fashion declaration, based on Instyle, with sequins and rhinestones are no longer just for nights out, as all of us started to notice this particular trend infiltrating regular technology and mobile phone accessories too.


Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 2.15.06 PM

1. iPhone 5 Champagne Glam Case (£30, Case-Mate)  2. Audio Technica Headphones w/Swarovski Elements (£369,  3. Everwanted Glitter Mini Speaker (£16.99, Zazzle)   4. Swarovski Crystalline Memory Stick (£41, 5. Iridescent Beauty Glitter Laptop Skin (£26.32, Etsy)

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