Top Fashion Trends Influencing Mobile and Tech Accessories No4

The fourth fashion trend we found influencing tech accessories this season is Metal.
The runways of Spring in early 2013 noticed metallic features everywhere from handbags and shoes to jewelry as revealed by Despite the fact that metallic accents might not exactly look like a innovation for technology components, we could see a move from entirely common silvers to the introduction of stylish metallic colors including rosegold and the pairings of various textures, for example brushed and polished.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 2.14.43 PM

1. Stelle Audio Pillar (£218.99, Stelle Audio Couture) | 2. ‘Taylor’ Headphones (£132.99, Nordstrom) | 3.Damier Graphite USB Key (£337.99, Louis Vitton) | 4. iPhone 5S Brushed Aluminum Case (£30, Case-Mate) | 5. ‘Ella B’ Earbuds (£65.99, Nordstrom) 
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