iPhone 5c Collection from Case-Mate


A long wait for a new Apple iPhone made us all anxious; what it will look like? What new features it will have? We have to admit, we all were waiting for something more when the new iPhone 5c came out and there was a little sadness for all Apple fans, that their wishes and thoughts weren’t fully fulfilled. But Apple did what they promised as CEO of Case-Mate Shashi Reddy said – “One of the most interesting promises of the new iPhone 5C is the ability to own an affordable, Apple-quality smartphone that comes in bold, vibrant colors. We believe that iPhone 5C owners will see the device as a pallet for self-expression and will desire a range of case options that have a flair for style while also providing additional protection”. More than that recent bestselling phone reports from the USA shows, that iPhone 5C has been outselling their main rivals flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 as stated in TechCrunch.

So lets check what Case-Mate has to offer for iPhone 5c owners:


Naked Tough – Clear/Black. Experience the look and feel of modern case protection with the two-piece case. Polycarbonate hard shell with a shock-absorbing interior cushion accompanied with flexible bumper provides a secure fit and its transparent design allows the iPhone 5c’s colours to shine through. Textured finish makes it easy-to-hold and grip. Priced at £30. http://tinyurl.com/ot8ovgk



Slim Folio – Black. The Slim Folio case for iPhone 5C takes a classic folio design and modernizes it for today’s mobile commuter. This innovative, all-in-one case features an integrated viewing stand and magnetic cover. Our advanced SmartGrip™ technology securely holds your iPhone 5C in place and always ensures a streamlined fit.  Price £30. http://tinyurl.com/ofsz79j



Barely There Print – Multicolor. This Prints Collection for iPhone 5C instantly adds a unique look to your device that’s as fun as it is whimsical. The dynamic use of color and on-trend patterns combine to create fashion forward style for any day of the week. Price £20. http://tinyurl.com/olvay3u


There are many more cases we are offering You including Tortoiseshell, Sleek, Carbon Fiber,  POP!, Tough, at http://www.case-mate.co.uk/iphone/iphone-5c.html.

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