Bestselling Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases


While Apple continues to do well after the release of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, we hear more and more rumors on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Many think that releasing it sooner rather than later might end current Apple success with their new iPhones. What can we expect from Samsung Galaxy S5? Firstly a better 16Mpx camera with a new image stabilizing software. We can expect that Samsung will match or overpower new Apple iPhone 5S A7 processor. PCMag say it might be a new eight core Samsung Exynos processor to replace current Galaxy S4 quad-core Snapdragon chip. More than that, Samsung Galaxy S5 might be the first all metallic phone Samsung ever made as t3 thinks.

But enough about rumors, Samsung Galaxy S4 is still one of the best smartphones in the market and as any other device can change its look, become more durable with Case-Mate cases.


The almighty Tough Xtreme case is our bestseller number one. If You are looking for the toughest, most protective phone case, this case should be Your number 1. Giving You overall protection and sleek design it even has screen protector fitted in. The multi-layer outer piece is constructed from our revolutionary DuoFlex and PolyCore materials keeps your device safer then ever. You can even choose the color You like black or pink.


The sparkly Glam case is in second place of our bestselling trio.  I can’t imagine a woman, who would want this piece of art. It doesn’t matter is it a day time or a night out Samsung Galaxy S4 Glam case looks awesome. Two-piece design creates slim silhouette, but gives you medium protection for your device, making it not just sparkle away, but safe too.



Our bestselling trio ends with Carbon Fiber case. Every man gets excited when talks come to racing cars. Having this case crafted from advanced lightweight fibers used in Formula One cars makes it a must have for high -performance automobile enthusiasts. Case-Mate is always thinking about protecting your device and our unique interlocking case design adds a higher level of protection.

More of different colours and styles Samsung Galaxy S4 cases You can see check out here.

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