Mother’s Day with Case-Mate Europe

This mother’s day we have something for every special mum! We looked through our range of cases and tried to put together a collection that captures the heart of the person who captures our hearts.

So without further ado lets start:


The Glam Case for the Glamorous Mum! Its a prefect amount of sparkle and shine for those nights out with friends and family!


The Acetates case for the Vintage Mum. We are very proud of our Acetate range and feel they really capture the Case-Mate brand of style and vision. This slick number is perfect for the fashionable mother.


The Artist Prints for the Creative Mum! is your mother an artist at heart? Born with a talent that she hides but it always comes out at family game nights? Why not pick up one of these colourful and creative cases?



The Tortoiseshell for the Classic Mum. This classic case has long been a popular case among Case-Mate customers and no less with our female friends. Pick up this classic case today!



So there you have it, our top picks for Mother’s day! Disagree or think you could do a better list? Let us know through the comments below!


Tell us your thoughts:

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