Rihanna Drops And Breaks iPhone and Raises a Serious Amount of Money

Silly girl Rihanna… or is that Steve Soboroff, LAPD Commission President who should’ve really protected his phone with a Tough case. Did we mention we have those?

The phone was dropped by Rihanna last Friday as she sat in her courtside seat during a basketball match in LA between the La Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Whoops: Rihanna looks dismayed after dropping Los Angeles Police Commission President Steve Soboroff's phone during a basketball match last Friday after the pair took a selfie

Soboroff, who was sitting beside her asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking a photo with him. As she went to take the Selfie, a small blunder on the songstress’ part, resulted in his iPhone falling a few feet to the hard surface bypassing the case that was in place.

Rihanna has since donated $25,000 to the Los Angeles Police Foundation and the Commission President has put the signed damaged iPhone up on Ebay which has since reached a top bid of nearly $60,000.

Up for auction: Rihanna dropped Steve's phone, with the cracked device achieving a highest bid of $57,000 (£39,989)


Thankfully they both saw the funny side too as she picked up the ruined phone. I’m glad that the money is going to a good cause but she could’ve saved herself $25,000 by picking one of these up for £20. Just saying.

source: dailymail | abcnews

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