The Moto E vs The Moto G

It was quite the surprise to everyone when the Moto G rocked the smartphone world by entering the market at a more than reasonable price and sporting some excellent specs to boot, only a short six months ago. With the Moto E just in our door its a good time to see what’s changed from the winning formula of the Moto G and what the Moto E has to offer.


So first ground rules for comparison; jargon free and plain-spoken. Agreed? Great! If you do want the full specs check the link at the bottom otherwise let’s do this:

The Physical Differences:

The Moto E comes in slightly smaller than the Moto G. It’s really not too much of a noticeable difference to the eye but will impact on how the phone feels in your hand. Likewise the display is marginally smaller but not even by a half an inch. Despite the smaller size the weight of both devices are practically identical.

The Display:

The Moto G here takes the lead with a better display and display resolution meaning that the picture will be crisper and have better clarity. the touch screens are very similar though the Moto E has an extra coating layer offering anti-fingerprint protection.


Unfortunately the camera is another stumbling block for the Moto E with only one camera meaning no easy selfies. Though matched spec wise for the camera the Moto G offers better quality video recoding than the E though the E has some extra features during video such as taking pictures while recording.


Okay I’ll do my best to keep stay by the rules on this one but it might come across as vague. Both are completely capable of all your mobile computing needs and should be able to manage multiple tasks well. The Moto G has a very slight edge with some better components and double the built-in storage of the Moto E meaning you could almost get away without and SD card. Overall this one is very close.


The Moto G offers a slightly (and again I mean slightly) better battery than the Moto E which should give you longer life. That being said it’s probably required for the extra features.

Network / Multimedia / Connectivity:

From this point on both the E and G become inseparable. The two have minute differences such as the Moto E taking a micro sim or the Moto G offering a hotspot. Apart from that they are almost identical.

Bottom Line:

The Moto E comes very close in a lot of aspects to the Moto G and at over 30% less cost it really offers exceptional value. I can see it as a great entry to the Motorola Smartphone range and a big hit with the shrinking first time smartphone users.

You can find the full specs of the both the devices here if you are the type who wants to get into the nitty-gritty: Moto E VS Moto G

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