Dropped your phone in water recently? DryBox might have a soultion.

We’ve all been there. In the bathroom and all of a sudden, in slow motion, you can see your phone making a daring and dramatic leap for the toilet, full bath, sink or anything that just happens to be full of gloriously still water. According to the US company DryBox 85,000 Americans, alone, get their devices wet each day. Given that the population of Europe is about double that we would be close to 160,000. (that means 3 people have probably gotten their phone wet by the time you read this article). So what can we do to save our now water-based phones? Well DryBox think they have the solution with their new DryBox Device.

20140526 DryBox Phone articleLets face it we all know about the various techniques out there from hot-presses and rice to vacuums and blow driers, just a quick google search gives you tons of results.

So what does DryBox do exactly. To be honest they don’t go into too much details suffice to say that it removes all moisture in your phone within 30 minutes with a 70% success rate for phones exposed within 36 hours of using the service, which when you think about it, is pretty damn good! They’ll be rolling out these boxes in stores across the states shortly but I reckon we’ll this, if not something similar, on our side of the pond, sometime this year. The current fee for its use ranges between $20 to $50 for its use. That’s a lot cheaper than a new phone and most stores are offering money back guarantees for unsuccessful uses.


Their website offers some simple steps on how to use the device and from what I can see, they really hate rice:Logo

  • Remove the battery if possible.
  • Do NOT charge phone or try to power it back on!
  • Bring phone and charger to a DryBox Rescue station ASAP.
  • Our patent-pending system can restore your phone in minutes.


Is “CPR for a wet phone” in the form of the DryBox going to be a big thing or do you see something else coming along?

Tell us your thoughts:

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