Mobile Phones Triggering More Skin Allergies

According to researchers, cases of skin allergies caused from mobile devices is on the rise. The metallic finishes and buttons seem to be causing allergic reactions causing visually troubling and painful rashes similar to allergic reactions caused by cheap watches and jewellery.


According to the research over half of the cases reported were from under 18s. Currently researchers are investigating the level of nickel use being used by manufacturers and ensuring it is within the limits of EU regulations.

Nickel and Chromium are the two most common causes of metal allergic reactions from cheap metals abd both have been found previously in phone cases ranging from cheap to expensive. According to past studies into similar issues only Apple and Nokia handsets escaped unscathed, meeting health regulations whereas other manufactures such as Sony, Samsung, Blackberry, Motorola and LG all contained some nickel on of the two allergens listed above. Scary stuff indeed!

Though the allergic reactions are indeed on the rise, we have to consider that the amount of handsets out there has increased (and is increasing) and so the figures may not be as startlingly as first suggested and I’m sure all the manufacturers have a plan to combat any of these issues.


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