Top 5 Apps for keeping up with the World Cup

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely and ridiculously excited for the World Cup this year! The countdown has been well under-way, the fact that all matches will be on at a time reasonable time for us Europeans means the next few weeks will be glorious for most men and horrendous for most women. So If you are a man and like me, the below chart will be your God for the next few weeks. Today we are going to look at different apps that will give you access to all the World Cup data and fixtures on the go!

Fixture Chart World Cup 2014So lets take a look at our Top 5 apps to keep track of the World Cup matches:


Yeah okay this one is a bit obvious but I mean it is the official football association so what did you expect? The App includes all the news around the world cup, lets you explore all player and coach info from the 32 teams, shows the full 64 game schedule, explore the host country Brazil and soon will have a live updates for all 64 games. With the ability to follow your favourite team and get news alerts it really does have everything you could need.

2. World Soccer Finals

One of my favourite World Cup apps due to its blatant simplicity and efficiency. It really is the most straight forward app. The home screen has a list of all upcoming fixtures which can be filtered down by the different stages of the tournament. You can set local time for all matches. Select your favourite team for push updates on any results and matches and it has a nifty little feature to create events to your calendar so you’ve no way to miss your favourite matches.

3. OneFootball Brazil

The OneFootball app is a very popular football app as is. Not to be outdone by the major tournament they have refined and created a new World  Cup app OneFootball Brazil. To be honest this app is full to the brim with info, including almost everything listed above but with some additional features such as the odds of the games, statistically breakdowns, highlights, a fan zone for fans to chat about the matches and even personalised alerts. Its got everything you could want or need.

4. Yahoo Sport

Though not breaking any grounds covered by the above apps, Yahoo Sport has one thing that really goes for it; Localised versions. Don’t like reading about your sport in English? Now you don’t have to. They offer localised versions for Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil and Mexico. Perfect for global fans of the beautiful game and jam packed with pretty much all of the features above. Its a no wonder its on our list.


5. ESPN FC Football & World Cup

We do need to give credit to the ESPN app. When most Europeans think football ESPN normally wouldn’t be the first thing that pops into our heads. In fairness to them they pushes in recent years are really starting to pan out. The ESPN app contains all the features above and includes the regular club level football if you wish to continue with the app after the world cup. They also have breakdowns and discussions post matches to give some insight into each game.


So what are your favourite football apps this year? Will you be keeping up with the world cup as it goes? Who do you have pegged to win?

Tell us your thoughts:

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