If World Cup Teams were Case-Mate Cases

To herald in the first game of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil this year, we have arranged a bit of fun by stacking up our cases and their styles vs that of the some of the top seeded teams! Now I am a big fan of football but I’ll stand to be corrected so feel free to let me know ‘what for’ in the comments. Which case is your team?

World Cup

Brazil – Barely There
They play fast smooth football with plenty of style and skill. The one thing they lack however is strength. The Barely There is one of Case-Mate’s most popular cases and is slick and smooth with light protection.
Spain – Slim Tough
Much like the Brazilian’s the Spanish play fast and smooth football except in the Spain’s case, it’s all about the build-up play and passing game. They can also hold their own in a challenge. The Slim Tough has all the qualities of the Barely There and Tough case merged into one small and slick design, a perfect match for the Spaniards. Slim Tough
Germany – Tough
Solid and study the German team bring a lot of talent to the World Cup this year with a great middle line up that retains possession before attacking with venom. The Tough case represents the same strong physique the German team offer. Reliable and strong with a bit of bulk but offering great protection. Tough Case

Gaol Keeper

Argentina – Naked
Naked Case Direct and fast paced football is how the Argentinians like to play coupled with one of, if not, the best strikers of the 21st Century, they can be a real threat to any side. Much like the Argentina side the Naked case bares all and shows the full extent of the case immediately. Offering light cover without losing any of your devices aesthetic.
Colombia – Urban Camo
Urban Camo Case Definitely a team to watch this year closing out the South American tournament just behind Argentina with an aggressive team suited to scoring opportunities. Often overlooked they might well upset a few nations. The Urban Camo, like the Colombian’s, is a case that jumps out at you and declares its presence immediately. The military tones work well with Columbia’s aggressive attacking football.
Belgium – Tortoiseshell
Tortoiseshell Case Much like the Colombians, the Belgians could easily be one to watch this year and are a bit of a dark horse. The team is untested but look to offer something different. The Tortoiseshell is a good representation of Belgium offering something we know but seen in a different light. The new wave of Belgian footballs should bring some extra style to the squad much like the tortoiseshell design does to the Barely There.

Netherlands – Slim Folio
Every Major Tournament the Dutch bring a serious squad with some serious skill. Utilizing lightning fast wingers with top goal scoring strikers, they play slick and direct football. The Slim Folio seems like a perfect fit for this club with its slick and stylish design. The case is made from genuine materials and covers all aspects of the device just like Netherlands on the pitch. Slim Folio
England – Tough Xtreme
The British side also bring a strong squad to the tournament filled with reliable players who often just can’t make it to the level of the team’s abilities. The Tough Xtreme doesn’t suffer from the same reliability levels but offers the same strength year after year much like the English Squad themselves. With Dual layered protection and screen protection to boot, the tough Xtreme is an all-around case just like the English team. Tough Xtreme
Italy – Tough
A very traditional squad the Italian’s bring reserved skill and passion to any match. Usually they sit back and tidy up in defence before bursting forward with composure and flair. Like the traditional aspects of the Italian squad the vintage Woods case hasthat traditional element in a fantastic modern style that’s very easy on the eyes. Woods Case

Think any other cases would suit better? If your team isn’t listed let us know what your case would be?

Tell us your thoughts:

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