June 18th could bring a new Smartphone from Amazon

So what is Amazon introducing in their YouTube video? We’ve inspected it and we’ve read the rumours throughout the web and everyone is pretty certain its a new smartphone. In case you missed it, check out the video below:

Judging by the movements captured in the video coupled with some of the comments from the videos punters, the whole internet believes that the device (and we know its a device thanks to Amazon’s description: “Want an invite to our new device unveiling?“) will have head tracking motion or possibly some form of 3D without the need for the bulky glasses, if not both these things.

Amazon are currently offering invites for people to see the unveiling event in Seattle on June 18th by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. You can request an invite here: http://amzn.to/launchevent. Most likely this well be an evening showing for us Europeans with the time difference between PST and GMT time-zones.

With this new device comes a lot of questions given that most guesses are its a phone, they revolve around the OS of the phone, how it will compete with Google and Apple and what specs is it likely to have. Our best answer on these is that its likely to have a hybrid of the Android system, like the Fire OS for the Kindle Fire, it will be in the close to cost price range given that Amazon have a near flawless platform to deliver it on, and it will be able to compete with most smartphones on the market on launch.

What do you think the announcement will be? What is the feature everyone is raving about in the video? Will you be at the conference?


Tell us your thoughts:

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