Get up to 92% faster charging times

Sometimes you really have to love Kickstarter. It really has opened the world to some excellent ideas. Sometimes the wait can be very frustrating and a little too often, for my own liking, the product is not up to scratch (*cough Ouya cough*), but sometimes you just have to sit back and admire what someone has done. With the Legion Meter from PLX devices inc, its one of those occasions.

At the time of writing this the goal has been completed almost 40x times over with a goal of $10,000 currently sitting just below $400,000 in pledges. That’s pretty impressive to say the least. So what exactly is the Legion Meter and what does it do? This is what PLX have to say:

“Legion Meter is a device that can safely accelerate your smartphone/tablet’s charging speed up to 92%. It also features a built-in multimeter for displaying voltage, current, power, and milliwatt hours on the integrated OLED display. Legion Meter installs in seconds and is fully plug and play. “

Legion Meter works as essentially a bridge between your charging source and your device. Currently the device has 2 modes; Android and Apple for charging the two distinctive phone types. With their chart below, you can see the breakdown of how effective the charging times are per device:

When this goes live the campaign will have just ended but can be viewed here. According to the Kickstarter campaign we should expect retail values of about $69 dollars (£40/€50) which isn’t to expensive when compared to similar charging devices and cables.

Will you be picking one of these up? Is charging times a factor for you?

Tell us your thoughts:

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