How often do people drop their phones? Apparently a lot!

Here at Case-Mate we like to think our product is both valuable to our customers and useful. So as an experiment, I looked at a group of stats from the last year outlining how often people actually drop their phones. The general consensus is a LOT!

Smashed phone

  • 61% of people drop their phones once a month
  • 25% of people drop their phone at least once a week
  • 3% couldn’t even count how often they drop their phone
  • 11% of people never drop their phones

So only 11% of people never drop their phone, that means that  that with about 1.86 billion purchased last year 1,655,400,000 phones have seen the floor at some point. Wow! That’s actually astonishing when you think about it though we’re not accounting for people replacing phones in that year or various other factors, but still, wow.

Phone owners, be safe! Stop dropping your phones and turning £300-500 devices into £3 bricks of plastic. If you do drop your phone a lot then pick up a Tough case. For £20 you can protect that £300-500 investment.

Also out of the various ratings and rankings we looked at honourable mention has to go to LifeProof for their awesome breakdown that can be found here.

How often do you drop your phone? Do you think these figures would be accurate in your opinion? Has your phone case saved you in the past?


Tell us your thoughts:

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