Google Glass is here for £1,000

Available through the Explorer program in the UK, Google Glass is now here ahead of its full release to any adult (over 18) with a valid credit card and £1,000 available to spend.

Google GlassThough available to 6,000 US residents for the past two years, retailing at about $1,600, Glass has finally made its way across the pond to the UK giving UK consumers with enough money and interest a chance to try out one of the more interesting tech developments from Google in recent years.

Weighing in at a  little over 50g – about the average weight for a pair of sunglasses – the Google Glass does its best to look smart and sophisticated by trying to keep the aesthetic of a normal set of glasses. The interface projected onto the lenses is controlled by a small touch-pad on the side of the glasses. Currently the Google Glass come loaded with some partner apps including Shazam, for all the music lovers who need to identify songs being played on the g, and to keep up with the latest sports news.

One of the really nice features that we all really should of thought of, is the camera. Its such a simple and basic premise yet opens up so much to us. Having a camera attached to your head will no doubt offer a boost to the YouTube community to boot. I can see the potential in this for hands on reviews, tutorials, repair work and even cooking, which Jamie Oliver has even picked up on! Take a look yourself:


If you are one of the lucky few who has £1,000 to spare and are interested head over to the official site today and pick one up.


Do you think the Google Glass will take off? Are you going to try pick up a pair? Have you already used them in the past and what to preach to the world?


Tell us your thoughts:

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