18 Carat Gold Vladimir Putin case… Seriously!

Vladimir Putin has become something of an online celebrity, doing what all us laymen would probably do with a bit of power and money; flying military jets, hunting topless and tranquillising tigers and bears, driving fast cars and basically being like the macho man stereotype from the 90s. So if you respect this superhero, hulk of a man, we’ve found the perfect case for you:

Sure it costs 147,000 Russian Rubles which is roughly €3,200 or £2,500. don’t worry we haven’t lost our mind just yet. This latest case comes from an Italian Jeweller called Caviar. Its an 18 Carat Sheet Gold case for your iPhone 5. According to this Russian Website it already has plenty of people looking to get their hands on one. The case comes with an engraved portrait of Putin and has an engraved quote from the Russian National Anthem.

We don’t really know who asked for this or why but we can’t help but be impressed and equally amused. I’ll see if I can get engineering to create one of David Cameron for us and Barrack Obama for the states. What do you think of the case? Do you see anyone actually buying it? Would you (in a different life) buy it?

Source: www.techdigest.tv

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