Google I/O Keynote speech and Roundup

In case your out of the loop, Google I/O has been occurring this week and we’ve already got a stream of updates. Google I/O for the laymen is Google’s developer conference that is being held in San Francisco this year. If you can clear two and a half hours of your day, you can watch a full keynote speech below, including its pretty awesome introduction


So what are the major updates? Well lets go through some of below:

1. Wearable Android Devices

Google showed off some very nice watches from various manufacturers filled with loads of nifty little android features. We’ve all been waiting on this Tech so its nice to actually see it.

2. Google Auto

Another very impressive bit of Tech coming from I/O, Google Auto is basically a version of Android for your car which should streamline car functions and allow for a safer driving experience without your mobile distracting you. Obviously this means and incorporation of current Android features such as Maps, Voice to Text / Text to Voice etc.

3. Android L

Basically Google is keeping up with the current design premises similar to both Windows 8 and iOs. This means we’ll have a square, flat-looking (but not flat) layout filled with solid colours. This news is also further streamlined making it more usable to older devices and better on battery life. The current ETA to consumers is to later this year.

4. Google TV

Not to be outdone by Apple TV, Netflix or Amazon LoveFilm, Google has updated and overhauled its TV side of things – a little too late in my opinion. I think we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out.

For a quick and excellent roundup take a look at the below EMKWAN’s YouTube video below, which highlights the above features:

What do you think of Google I/O this year? Where you there? Would you like to go? Where you expecting more news? Do you like what they’ve discussed?


Tell us your thoughts:

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