Less chance of soaring Roaming bill while in the EU

Have you ever come home from a nice, stress-free, two week break to be hit by a massive mobile bill that quickly allows you to forget about the pleasant two weeks you’ve just had? I know I certainly have. In fact I’d bet most people have too. Nowadays its so easy (and hard not to) turn on data roaming for that ‘essential’ Facebook feed update or Instagram photo share. Well you’ll be glad to know that an EU regulation has come into effect today which will see a reduction to the maximum cost of mobile roaming charges.


The overall drop in price will be about 50+% in the EU allowing you to call home more often on those summer holidays. For all the social media fiends you’ll be glad to welcome the new internet roaming toll will be a  maximum of 16p (€0.20) per megabyte, from 36p (€0.45). Pretty good news for mobile users all around!

So no when you come home and open your mail you will no longer react like this:

Will you be using your phone abroad this Summer? Do you think this will be reduced further? How often do you use your mobile abroad?

Tell us your thoughts:

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