3D Printed Clothes!

Tech is mostly a straight forward affair when it comes to aesthetics. Fashion can vary wildly. Put both of them together though and you get something that really is unique:

On June 25th the GSMA-360Fashion and Tech runway in Shanghai, was littered with many bizarre and curious Tech Fashions. The poster kinda says it all really. In all honesty though its good to see these kind of events beginning to occur and these could possibly lead to some vary interesting designs and even tech ideas. The idea of 3D printed clothes in general is actually impressive and with new paper-like screens the potential of wearing actual tech (Beyond Google Wearables and the rumoured iWatch) is really fascinating.

GSMA - 360Fashion & Tech Runway Show 2014Do you think there’s a future in tech and fashion? Could 3D printing eventually replace traditional clothing manufacturing? What do you think would be a really great tech addition to your clothes?

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