How Smartphones changed the world cup

In prep for the quarter finals starting tonight, we want to just take a moment to look at the impact that smartphones have had on the current whopper of a World Cup!

World Cup 2014


1. Match Tracking

With the hundreds of current football apps and with the pop up of hundreds more in anticipation for the world cup its never been easier to completely track every fixture, result, line-up and stat. These apps come in all shapes and sizes including official apps from Fifa, ESPN, SKy etc. Its a good time to be completely connected!

2. Watching on the Go

Just like with the apps for tracking, plenty exist for watching any of the matches on the go! In the UK alone BBC iPlayer is one of the most accessible apps. Similarly in most countries official licencors of the matches have apps for streaming all the action straight to your mobile or tablet.

3. Just Google It

Google has done a fantastic job of integrating the world cup into all aspects of its search over the past few days. I’m particularly fond of the ‘cards’ which highlight easy to read data just from a simple google of the current teams playing or even just search the world cup. They also cover highlights of most matches with a very simple search after the fact. Perfect for blagging your way though the games in work the next day.

4. Selfies and Cameras

The World Cup is always one of the most covered events in the world. With the onset of more and more highly detailed smartphone cameras, the event really is covered inside and out. This allows for some great insights into the more hidden end of the world cup and really allows you to fully immerse yourself into the World Cup experience.

5. Social Media

As I’m sure Tim Howard now knows, Social media has played a massive part in the World Cup this year. With insults flying left, right and centre (Shearer on Fred, Alves on Shearer / KLM on Mexico, Gael Garcia Bernal on KLM) but also fantastic trends based on events of the games (#thingstimhowardcouldsave). Running commentaries are not uncommon through comments and tweets all over Facebook and Twitter too, along with the usual “don’t jinx it” conversations.

All in all, the impact of Smartphones on the World Cup has been massive and will continue to be so for the final few weeks. I look forward to seeing how what has happened through Smartphones this World Cup will affect the next. What do you think have a large impact? What have you been using for keeping up with the World Cup?

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