The Haircuts of Brazil 2014’s World Cup

For those keeping up with the most of the matches of the World Cup this year I’m sure, like me, you are starting to notice some rather unique hairstyles. I was going to try and relate these back to cases in some way however I think its best that they just speak for themselves…

1. Neymar Jr. – Brazil

Lets start off with one of the favourites of the World Cup, Neymar Jr. The blonde highlights and mullet-like shavings result in this masterpiece of unusual. Thankfully its actually a lot better than it has been and its only a tiny bit distracting from the footballers silky skills.



2. Rodrigo Palacio – Argentina

I remember when Rat Tails where all the rage… never but its okay as its totally off-center. The Argentine striker may be doing well to get this far in the tournament and you could almost say the force is strong in this one… just not really in his hair.



3. Kyle Beckerman – United States 

Not really something out of place in the world, Dreadlocks are a common enough sight. However on the football pitch they’re more or less unheard of which is why Beckerman had stood out for his part of the tournament. The USA team as a whole really did love long hair…



4. Raul Meireles – Portugal 

Sporting a look like something straight from Robert De Niro’s Taxi Driver, this is one Portugese Midfielder you’d probably have a hard time asking for an autograph. I’m sure he’s a lovely fella but the beard-mohawk combo looks inspires the type of fear parallel to the old Mad Max villains.



5. Paul Pogba – France 

I’m just going to come straight out and say it; I don’t know. I have nothing even witty to say about it, its far too abstract for my feeble mind and the lack of symmetry beats me everytime. The French Midfielder has had a good run this World Cup so if you’ve missed it I’m sure you’ll hear more about this man.



6. Marouane Fellaini – Belgium 

The Belgian Midfielder is well known by Football fans particularly from his days at Man Utd. but the real question is whether its over his ability on the pitch or is exceptional afro. I like to think its the latter because any European who can pull of a quality afro deserves praise.



7. Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal 

Christiano is probably one of the most well known players across the Globe, especially since winning the FIFA Ballon d’Or this year and in previous years. This man had big expectations on his shoulders but to draw attention away decided to shave a few lines into the side of his head. I see…



So concludes our current list, would you have anyone else on it? What are thoughts in relation to the current styles flying around? Has it always been like this for hair varieties?



Tell us your thoughts:

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