Having a dead Phone battery will stop you getting on flights

New stricter airport laws on Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops means that you could see your phone being removed from you by Airport security.

Security checksHeading to the US for business, family or just a holiday? Well British Airways customers travelling to the United States will have to have an electrical charge in their electronic devices. If your device will not or is not charged you will be immediately turned away if you opt to send the device on to yourself later.

It seems this move has been made on advice from US relations, stating that by turning on the devices the flyer proves the device is genuine and so no explosive devices are held in place of the batteries. On top of this move your details will be passed to US officials if the device is turned off.

dead batteryNeedless to say this caused some major confusion to flyers on Monday in Heathrow with British Airways passengers being told to find a location to charge their devices before being allowed to board.

The new leap in security was based on a new threat imposed by al-Qaeda, master bombmaker from Ibrahim Hassan al – Asiri, who claims to have created a newer type of explosive device. Concerns were also raised that these terror units could be utilizing British and other westerner extremists based in Iraq and Syria.

In reality I can’t see many people turning up with dead devices but I’m sure there are scenarios where it occurs. Do you think this is a step too far? Is the extra security worth this inconvenience?


Tell us your thoughts:

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