What will come from Google Wearables and Android Wear?

With Google Wearables such as Google Glass and Android Wear, now pretty much available, it begins to beg the question… What’s next for wearable tech? With this in mind, I’ve put together some small ideas on what else we may, or may not, see coming into play in the next few years.

With the arrival of these new wearable pieces of tech, power is going to become vital to your everyday life, even more so than today. Instead of charging your music player or phone, you’ll have a watch and glasses to add to the your power requirement list too. Those small little power blocks you’ve seen floating around are going to be huge! instead of McDonalds offering free WiFi, we may see charging ports too. This may lead to other ways for people to store power  accessories on the go, in a fashionable way. One thing is certain though; power will be vital!

Storage will continue its trend of becoming smaller and smaller in physical size and we’ll eventually start thinking of the most unusual places that we can hold storage. I can almost imagine having a ring with a micro USB port built in. This could go as far as ear rings and anything else you can equip your body with.

Google Glass will probably be coupled with some form of proper headphone system enabling you to listen to your music full blast or get the most from HD movies and TV on the go. Who says you can’t get that IMAX experience when soon you can stream straight in front of your eyes – quite literally – and have that superior positional sound that only headphones can give you.

The idea of a screen in front of your eyes could also lead to an interesting idea for american football, racing and other sports that require helmets or have visors; having a built in Heads Up Display (HUD) streamed to your visor. For race drivers this could mean that the track is broadcast. For american football you could show plays. The possibilities are amazing to think of.

Not too long ago we mentioned how tech is going to be integrated into clothes and we will eventually have the ability to put screens on almost everything and anything you can think of. You can read the full article here.

What do you think will be the next big advancement if any? How do you see these advancements affecting the world? Will you be picking up any Google Wearables?


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