World Cup Brazil 2014 – Final Showdown and Predictions

The Final of the Brazil World Cup 2014 takes place tomorrow night (Sun, 13th July) and its gearing up to be one great match.

Germany will probably come out looking like the stronger team after their 7-1 victory over Brazil on Tuesday and Argentina scraping a draw with the Dutch on Wednesday. It’ll be up to the Argentines to really up their game to ensure they take advantage of the gaps we’ve seen in past with the German defense. That being said they’ve no real midfield to speak of while the Germans have strong midfielders in abundance. I think this image from 9Gag sums up our thoughts:

All hail GERMANS!

All eyes on Germany for us and I’d almost be willing to call a 2-1 victory. Let us know who you think will win or who you’d like to win. Do you think germany have it after Tuesday? Do you think Messi will bring something special to the Argentines?

Tell us your thoughts:

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