New Blynk App makes it easy to find real outfits that you want to wear!

Do you need help picking out the perfect outfit or finding some new clothes to wear? Do you like using Tinder? Well worry not as the new App Blynk brings easy style to your phone by quickly allowing you put your perfect outfit together.

Screenshots of App


Much like the way Tinder works, Blynk allows you to quickly rate a whole bunch of out outfits and then learns from you choices to begin recommending you clothes. As Blynk put it themselves:

“Your own personal fashion stylist in your pocket. Blynk combines your style preferences with its own intelligence to recommend outfits tailored for you. Swipe through outfits, and save the ones you like – Blynk provides a platform for you to shop for these items directly.”

This a pretty nifty little App and its nice to see the options available in a nicely done format. Give it a try by downloading it today:

Find it on iTunes Here | Find it on Google Play Here

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