Kate Middleton dons her favoured Navy Blazer (we presume) yet again

The Duchess of Cambridge is out and about again in her Navy Blazer, which she manages to pull off regardless of the occasion.

Recently spotted at the SportsAid event held at the Home Nation House, you can see her sporting the Zara Blazer with a blue dress and a pair of wedges.

Img credit: hrhduchesskate.blogspot.com

People may note that this looked a bit familiar and they would be correct. Only a few days previous she was seen wearing the same Blazer at the Games in London, during the week. That very Blazer has also done the rounds in the past at various events with husband Prince William.

Though heavily criticised for her ‘recycling’ of looks, I think its great to finally see someone with so much coverage, behaving like us common people.

Tell us what you think of the Blazer and outfit? Is this something you would wear? How do you feel about the recycled look? Now we just need to figure out how to get a silver Brushed Aluminium in her hands…

2 thoughts on “Kate Middleton dons her favoured Navy Blazer (we presume) yet again

  1. I don’t understand why fashion critics are having a fit over it. She isn’t Rihanna or Kim K; she’s the Duchess and has to wear clothing that looks classy. And let’s not forget the Queen has been on her case about more appropriate outfits

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