Microsoft Windows 8.1 update. What to expect

Only a few weeks back Microsoft began slowly updating a handful of users devices to its newest update Windows 8.1. Now that it has had some time to look at the data, we look set to be getting a new update to the OS and its so far being called ‘The first update to Windows 8.1’ – confused yet?

Windows 8

Apart from confusing everyone with their strange method of updating an update (or something?), we have a few clear details on the changes. The first being that the update should be readily available from early next week (4th of August) and it bring with it quite a few changes particularly around its voice activated system, ‘Cortana’. Cortana will firstly be rolled out across the UK and China for the first time ever and will include new extra functionalities, Microsoft have promised. Naturally, the OS will now support larger mobile screen resolutions to support any future hardware upgrades that use the OS.

According to some of the other updates are:

  • Multi-select and SMS merge/forwarding: You’ll now have the option to select multiple items at once. With SMS, you can select multiple messages and merge them into a single thread to forward to another recipient.
  • The Windows Phone Store live tile will now refresh every six hours to show you the latest apps and games.
  • Apps Corner: A special mode where you can restrict which apps are used. It’s similar to the Kids Corner feature introduced in Windows Phone 8.1, but Apps Corner was designed with businesses in mind.
  • Ability to send and receive data over a virtual private network when connected to Wi-Fi hotspots.

I suspect on release, we will see quite a few more additions to this list but so far it looks like a fairly decent update. Do you have a Windows phone? Are you looking forward to the update? What issues/features would you like to see fixed/added?


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