Android L to be 4.5 and not 5.0

Last week Chrome got a Beta update to 37 and showed off some of its elements of its ‘Material Design’. Looking into some of the settings however will reveal that the next Android L (or Lollipop as rumours would have you beleive) update looks scheduled to be the 4.5 version. Pictured below you can see the OS as 4.4.99:

Img Credit:

This would indicate only minor changes with the first release of Android L. Usually a leap by 1 full revision indicates a major advancement and as we’ve already seen, many apps have been rolling forward with new updates (such as Chrome). From this, I believe we may only see a (mostly) visual change on first release. The new Android system is due out later this year and I’m sure we’ll begin to get more info in the run up to its release.

Are you looking forward to the new release? What would you like to see? Do you think this will herald a major change?

Tell us your thoughts:

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