Image of a 4Chan Post sells for $90,900… This post is now art too!

On the 1st of August, Ebay user xhacker02 probably had one of the best days of his life by selling a screen capture of an anonymous post on 4Chan, pondering the nature of art.

4Chan artWhen posting the initial capture, titled “Artwork by Anonymous“, at a minimum bid of $500 on the 28th Of July, no one could have predicted that this piece of ‘art’, would sell just 4 days later for the astronomical figure of $90,900. Art is many things to many people, and to at least 17 people, this screenshot is seriously, valuable art! In an ironic twist one does have to wonder if this is something to be cherished or not.

It gained 45 bids and whatever soul dished out the $90k+, might be in for a shock, the seller clearly states “This artwork will be sold with no refunds accepted” – A cruel lesson for any prankster. If you clicked the above link, you can see the related items where a few copycats have tried gaining the same success, so far to no avail.

Is this something you would consider bidding on? Have you ever bid on anything like it? Is this really art?


Tell us your thoughts:

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