Samsung is falling behind in India and China

Technology giant, Samsung, has dropped from its top spot as the largest supplier of Mobile Phones in India to its competition, the domestic Micromax.

As India is a massively growing market, this drop will surely be seen as a great blow to Samsung and a major victory to Micromax. The recent shipment shares for Q2, show that Micromax owned 16.6%, while Samsung shrunk to 14.4% and Nokia pulled into third place with 10.4%. For those who don’t know, Micromax is currently the 10th largest handset brand according to CounterPoint Research, an independent market research firm, who also carried out the recent report.

Interestingly, the report also shows that Samsung are still leading when it comes to smartphone sales alone, with the South Korean Firm owning 1/4 of all the sales compared to Micromax’s 1/5. I personally think that Micromax’s growth will undoubtedly be great for the domestic Indian market but Samsung won’t go down without a fight and the competition will inevitably mean that local consumers win out the day with cheaper devices and better services.

Do you see Micromax holding its place? Would you like to see Micromax develop a more global presence?

Tell us your thoughts:

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