Apple & Visa for Mobile Payment System says Pacific Crest

According to analyst, Josh Beck, of Pacific Crest, Apple could really make the most of the current changes at Visa and he reckons a “partnership could be on the horizon”.


Visa has been pushing all sorts of new systems of security and payments recently with the most successful, on our shores, being the contactless payment method. Beck however reckons that with these new systems we could be looking at an enhanced form of mobile payments and that Apple, with its streamlined services and innovative technology, would be the perfect partner for an alliance that would make “strategic sense” to both companies.

Given Apple’s already huge database of consumers and consumer payment information (800 million iTunes customers), Beck reckons that this would help solidify Visa’s Payment Systems, while streamlining services and the shopping experience for Apple. He also speculated that this deal could be announced late Autumn. So far this is all purely speculation but its interesting to hear some valid points on the argument. What do you reckon, will this deal happen? Do you purchase from itunes often or find the service obtrusive?

Tell us your thoughts:

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