$3 Million ‘Land Yacht’ brings luxury to a whole new level!

At Case-Mate, we like to think we bring a touch of luxury to everybody with our ‘Refined’ phone cases such as the Woods, Gemstone, Brilliance and more at an affordable price but with the EleMMent Palazzo you need to pay big for a chunk of luxury.

This aptly defined ‘Land Yacht’ has possibly everything you could need for a long distance journey, enabling you to finally take that much mentioned trip across Europe in style and all this for the not-so-affordable price of $3m. Most vehicles like this stay in the prototype phase but in this case the factory is up and ready to take deposits on this luxury road liner.

Lets not lie; we love our luxury tech and this is one of the cooler items we’ve seen in the premium tech/vehicle space in a long while. The reality is almost everyone reading this article will not be able to afford it and the makers know this too and have marketed it heavily in countries like Dubai were items of this sort often find their market. For everyone else, we can only hope the expected tour of this vehicle will happen in 2015, when the maker currently has it to be scheduled on completion.

Might be worth keeping an eye out to get to see one first hand! Do you currently own a recreational vehicle (RV) or mobile home? Is this really taking things a little too far?

I still can’t help but think a Leopardwood case would sit perfectly inside…

Tell us your thoughts:

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