Google And Barnes & Noble to team against Amazon

Come tomorrow the Bay Area of San Francisco, Manhattan Island of New York and in West Los Angeles, Barnes & Noble will be offering same day deliveries through Google Shopping Express, Google’s online shopping and delivery service, opening a very direct, competitive line with Amazon and its massive Kindle service.

Having closed over 60 stores in the past 5 years, many of which from high street areas, Barnes & Noble really could do with a boost to business and using Google Shopping Express could really stand to benefit their currently stagnating business. Though it is still considered “a Test”, the new service really is the only way to begin competing with the ever-growing Amazon. Likewise Google stand to benefit from the arrangement with a big name brand showcasing their one year old service.

It’s not all smooth sailing though for Google and Barnes & Noble as Amazon has recently increased its same day service through Amazon prime from 4 cities to 10. Realistically we’re still a bit away from receiving these services in Europe but as I’ve mentioned before, a bit of competition usually both speeds developments up and lowers the costs to consumers. What other brands do see getting on board with this model? Who do you think will win over the market? Are you looking forward to getting this service widely available?

Tell us your thoughts:

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