Brain Sensing Headband for the ultimate techy!

Company InteraXon and their founder, Canadian Ariel Garten believe that the power of your mind and brain can, and hopefully will, be used for almost anything in the coming future and they’re new product, Muse, steps up to show us just what the capabilities are that they already have in place around the subject.

The headband has been used in a number of experiments, including one where a user urged a tap to pour beer through the power of concentration.

Their new product, Muse is a light, white headband which looks similar to a sweatband, that can currently analyse your brain and submit that data to current devices, such as your iPhone, tablet or computer. This lightweight device, you’ll be glad to hear, comes in at a light enough price too, for as little as $300, you could own your own Muse.

At the moment the headband has been demonstrated to do a few neat tricks that a networked device can do such as controlling lights, or controlling power hooked up to a network but to think of the possibilities of this in the future is amazing. Essentially this is a computer which crosses that boundary that all Sci-Fi fans have been waiting for; connecting body and tech.

Currently the project has big aims of mapping the human brain. It’ll be nice to know what we do with that other 60%…

Where do you see this kind of tech going in the future? Is the Muse something you would pick up? What other exciting prospects do you see coming from InteraXon?

Tell us your thoughts:

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