New IM Restrictions in China

WeChat China’s biggest Instant Messaging service looks to be hit with usage restrictions for Celebrities, Businesses and anybody who can reach an audience beyond China itself.


It’s another step back for China, particularly for its progression with technology, which the country seems to be longing for. With the new usage restrictions, people in a position to be able to broadcast news and messages to a greater audience, must first run what they are posting through the Chinese Government for approval. As we all know, this really will kill a lot of social and IM services for many celebrities and their followers.

China’s Government has been fighting this battle for a few years now, knowing that the use of mobiles and their instant connection to the whole world, could threaten not only the government’s political beliefs but could, in fact, destabilize the country. WeChat, one of the leading IM service companies came out with this statement on an online post: “We have conducted extensive research, and found that the regulations mainly intend to stop rumors and harmful information from spreading on the Internet”.

Current technology is not stopping and is only getting better at helping people communicate across the globe. Though this provides a temporary solution for the Chinese government, this will eventually come to a head.


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