Windows 9 Rumoured Unveiling – September 30th

Windows’ next major update, Windows 9 (codenamed Windows Threshold), is rumoured to be shown off at the end of September or early October.


Windows 8 was heavily criticised and largely ignored by the consumer market so Microsoft will be hoping that it’s new iteration will bring more success to the company and joy to its consumers. Historically speaking, this is how Windows has always performed – from 98 to 2000, or XP to Vista and as apparent with 7 to 8. Going by this Windows 9 (If so named) should be a return to glory for the company and hopefully a new benchmark OS for us all to upgrade to.

According to online magazine, The Verge, Microsoft are to hold a press event at the end of September, though they also mention that the date is only tentative, which could also indicate a certain patience, possibly to observe another rumoured launch in September from Apple. Since CNET broke this news, Microsoft have come forward to them stating that they have nothing to share at this point.

Source: CNET


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