Rigid, Strong and Tough cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

At Case-Mate, we understand that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are more than just gadgets, they’re a piece of fashion that you wear every day of your life. Sometimes though, they need some love and protection and nobody wants to compromise on the stylish aesthetic. Our selection of rigid and durable cases are designed to keep your iPhone intact and prevent it from harm, whether that is from tumbles, falls, scratches and knocks, whatever way you are carrying or using your iPhone.

As such we’ve put forward some of our strongest and toughest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases that should protect your device from any harm.

The iPhone 6 Plus

The bigger of Apple’s latest two devices offers an extra 0.8 inches on the iPhone 6 and as such as a little bit more device to protect.

Tough Case iPhone 6 PlusThe Tough Case

Offering modern, two-piece protection, the Tough is a classic Case-Mate case and is always a popular choice. Made with an absorbing interior cushion and an austere, impact resistant shell with a rugged and textured finish for enhanced grip, the Tough sits comfortably flush with your iPhone 6 Plus, like a brace, keeping it rigid and secure with a stylish, modern look topped off by contemporary metal buttons.

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iPhone 6 Plus Tough NakedThe Tough Naked Case

While being similar to the Tough case, the Tough Naked brings a few changes to the table while keeping the excellent and key design features of the Tough. The clear finish allows you to show off your iPhone 6 Plus’ natural aesthetic while keeping it protected. The hard shell is tough and rigid offering a protective brace to your iPhone while the coordinating bumper protects against impacts and falls. The stylish look is also polished off with fashionable metal buttons.

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The iPhone 6

The smaller of the latest devices coming from Apple, the iPhone 6 is a tidy 4.7″ in size and though smaller than the Plus, still requires protection.

Slim Tough iPhone 6The Slim Tough Case

Want Tough protection without all the bulk? The iPhone 6 Slim Tough is a relatively new design that comes together as a sleek and sophisticated case.  The hard shell runs along the back of the iPhone smoothly as a suitable protective support for the main body while the color-contrasting bumper adds that extra bit of style. Metal buttons act as an accent and complete this polished, yet protective case.

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Calibre - iPhone 6The Calibre Case

What could be tougher than G10 ballistic composite, an advanced material used in modern tactical gear and military equipment. The Calibre is a two-piece design case with style to boot! The hard shell is made from the aforementioned G10 Ballistic Composite material for superior durability and extra protection, while the bumper adds that extra touch of class to your iPhone 6. The perfect blend of style and fashion.

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Don’t worry, we have even more tough cases on offer at www.case-mate.co.uk. We’re confident our cases will do the trick to protect your device but don’t take our word for it, even Mobile Fun think our Tough cases are right for you. Head on over there today to try and pick up a free Tough case. Just follow this link – Click Me!

What are your favourite Tough cases? Do you use a Tough case or are you more into style? Which Tough case would be your most stylish pick?

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