24 Karat Gold Case LifestyleTwo months have already passed after the launch of the new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and Case-Mate has seen an amazing response for its latest collection of cases.


This is probably due to the thoughtful approach of the stylish materials, finishing detail and refined protection that, here at Case-Mate, we offer to make your iPhone not just a device for everyday use, but a literal piece of fashion that reflects your own individuality and style in a unique and different way.


The new Case-Mate Women’s collection creates a captivating sparkle and shine look that’s refined enough for the office and chic enough for a night out on the town.


One of the cases designed to catch the attention and envy of women, with its stunning material, is the opulent 24 Karat gold case for iPhone 6.


Inspired by the retro soul of the chic Lucite handbags of the 1950s and the 1960s, this case is uniquely crafted with genuine gold leaf highlights inlaid into acrylic, with a translucent polycarbonate finish that makes it extra stylish and fashionable. With these traits in mind, it looks simply stunning paired with a gold iPhone 6 model.

The radiant look is polished off with colour-coordinated metal buttons; but what impresses even more, with this case, is its minimal design. The sophisticated dual layer interlocking design gives it added protection that doesn’t compromise its ultra slim design, making it fashionable and protective at the same time. With enhanced impact resistance and shock dispersion designed to protect your iPhone 6 against falls, scratches and knocks.

24 Karat Gold Case

All these characteristics make the 24 Karat gold case for iPhone 6 incredibly unique and a must-have case; with Christmas just around the corner, let this be your first choice as some bright, shining gift for your loved one: the lustre and dazzling display of 24k gold is sure not to disappoint! A striking case that will stand out amongst Santa’s arrivals or the perfect size for filling up that Christmas stocking, the 24 Karat really is an excellent touch for the festive season.

 £30/€35 | Available From: 1st December

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If you’re not satisfied enough with the lustre of this case, don’t worry we have even more shining cases for you at!

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