With the end of November coming, we can officially and finally announce the start of the Christmas season. How are you going to celebrate Santa’s arrival?

Are you going to an office Christmas party after a long year of hard work, or are you just going out for a Christmas themed night, like the 12 pubs of Christmas?

If you’ve never heard about it, the 12 pubs of Christmas is a Christmas tradition observed throughout the world. The 12 Pubs Challenge can take place at any time in November or December and typically involves a group of friends meeting for a catch up, visiting a number of pubs – 12 to be exact – in one night and wearing ridiculous, festive jumpers creating a real sense of Christmas around various cities.

Whether you’re wearing a Christmas jumper or a glittery dress, here at Case-Mate we have a glamorous range of cases that will be your perfect accessory to all the Christmas parties

If you are looking for premium and stylish cases that stand out from a crowd and are an excellent complement to your Christmas outfit, you can’t afford to miss the Brilliance and Karat cases.

The Brilliance case, available for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5/5S, and Samsung Galaxy S5, is an extremely sophisticated case that features glittering crystals with a textured finish.


Designed in two crystal colours, oil slick and champagne, each crystal is thoughtfully selected and carefully placed, accented with premium leather.

This is a dual-layer case that protects the back and sides of your phone, with a silicone lining for additional protection and a touch of class.

The Brilliance case is sure to be your favourite option, if you are wearing sparkles for your Christmas party!


The 24 Karat Gold case, available for iPhone 6, is inspired by the retro soul of the chic Lucite handbags of the 1950s and the 1960s. karat iphone

It is uniquely crafted with genuine 24k gold leaf highlights inlaid into translucent acrylic, with a polycarbonate finish that makes it extra stylish and fashionable. This radiant case has got the perfect shine and lustre to match your Christmas get up! We already spoke about what makes this case so unique in one of our previous posts.

Click here to find out more.



With Case-Mate, you no longer have to worry about any small tumbles and scrapes that may occur while your Christmas party is in full swing. We have the perfect cases that combine their glittered design with lightweight protection: the Glam and Sheer Glam cases.


The Glam Case, available for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5/5S, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4, is inspired by dazzling, fine-jewellery that shimmers stunningly.glam case

The slim, two-piece design comes together to create a sleek profile, which sparkles and with its glitter coated inlay offering a playful way to showcase your sassy side at the Christmas party.


The soft interior liner highlights our attention to detail and the extra protection necessary during your festive night.



The Sheer Glam, like the Glam before it, is also inspired by shimmering and dazzling jewellery.

Sheer-glamThe difference here is that it takes the popular Tough Naked case and gives it an added touch of intense radiance, captured within a glossy, transparent surface with a smooth and sparkling finish. This dual-layer design compromising of a protective TPU bumper and colour-coordinating metal buttons, offer additional protection with enhanced impact resistance and shock dispersion.

Wearing the Sheer Glam you can combine that extra protection and glittery style that will allow you to let your hair down for the party!



If you have already started your Christmas shopping, don’t forget that these premium cases are the perfect choice for every woman that wants to stand out from the crowd!

Let know us what do you think about these cases and which one is your favourite, and don’t forget to share, tweet and like!

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