Since the new iPhone 6 has been introduced in September 2014, Apple has smashed sales records selling 34,000 iPhones an hour every day of the quarter. Apple’s latest iPhones have proved a hit with consumers and here at Case-Mate we have seen an amazing response to our latest collection of cases.


The Case-Mate iPhone 6 case range offers the perfect balance between craft, protection and style.

With a thoughtful approach towards stylish materials, finishing details and refined protection, the Case-Mate iPhone 6 case range makes your iPhone not just a device for everyday use, but a literal piece of fashion that reflects your own individuality and style in a unique and different way.

Featuring the sophisticated Brilliance cases, the military style Calibre case and the classic Tough cases, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The Case-Mate’s luxury case range for iPhone6 is completely unique and stylish, featuring the 24 Karat Gold case, the Brilliance cases, the Glam cases and the Sheer Glam case.



The 24 Karat gold case is designed specifically for the iPhone 6, giving to it aunique touch of sparkle with its 24k gold leaf highlights inlaid into translucent acrylic, with a polycarbonate finish that makes it extra stylish and fashionable. The sophisticated dual layer interlocking design gives it added protection that doesn’t compromise its ultra slim design, making it fashionable and protective at the same time with enhanced impact resistance and shock dispersion designed to protect your iPhone 6 against falls, scratches and knocks.





The Brilliance case  designed for iPhone 6 is an extremely sophisticated case that features glittering crystals with a textured finish. Each crystal is thoughtfully selected and carefully placed to create a dynamic shimmer, adding further distinction and one-of-a-kind appeal. Designed in two crystal colours, oil slick and champagne, the Brilliance case ensure added protection to your iPhone6 with its dual layer interlocking and the interior patterned inlay.





The Glam cases features a dynamic sparkle created through a unique finishing process in which vibrant sparkles are captured onto a glossy, smooth surface, ensuring durability and a stunning depth of colour. Available in two colours, Blue/Purple and Champagne, the sophisticated Glam Collection includes an interior finished liner that provides subtle cushion and elegant feel.

sheer glam




The Sheer Glam case takes the popular Tough Naked case and gives it an added touch of intense radiance, captured within a glossy, transparent surface with a smooth and sparkling finish. This dual-layer design compromising of a protective TPU bumper and colour-coordinating metal buttons, offers additional protection with enhanced impact resistance and shock dispersion.






The Case-Mate’s Tough case range for iPhone 6 offers stylish and slim protection. This range includes the Tough Cases, the Tough Air cases, the Carbon Alloy case and the Calibre case.




The Tough case Collection  designed for iPhone 6 ensures your device remains safe and sound with it a rubber interior bumper and a hard textured outer shell. The dual layers of silicone and ABS hard shell plastic are combined for secure protection and are designed with different colours to give a contrast that makes the case match every style.



tough air



The Tough Air Collection designed for iPhone 6 is a touch of lightweight, fun with the unique translucent “air bubble” textured finish with a bright, colourful bumper. The Tough Air cases are designed in different colours, with the option of blue, lime, pink, purple and black. These slim tough cases, with their co-moulded unibody design, ensure the protection of your iPhone 6 with shock-absorbing air channels and enhanced impact resistance and shock dispersion.





The Carbon Alloy Case is a unique case for the sophisticated man that appreciates craft and style. This case combines genuine carbon fibre with metal alloy for a smooth finish. This case gives additional protection with its slim dual layer design with TPU bumper and enhanced impact resistance and shock dispersion.






The Calibre case available for iPhone 6 features genuine G10 ballistic composite with rugged textured finish for superior durability and enhanced grip. This case also has a two piece design protecting the back and sides of your device in addition to an interior lining for additional protection. This makes it a strong and hardwearing case; great for outdoor, endurance activities.






If you want to know more about our iPhone 6 collections check out our website, where you can find all the collections that we offer for different devices as well.

Let know us what do you think about these cases by reviewing your favourite cases on our website, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Google Plus!

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