We hope you’re a fan of glitter, because sparkles have returned in style this season. Always on the lookout for new fashion trends and this season’s hottest colours, we have two new cases that are sure to capture attention. We are really excited about our new Brilliance and Sterling cases and know that these will be the perfect accessory for your iPhone 6! Silver, sequins and shimmery hues have been one of the star attractions at the latest red carpet events. So this is definitely the season to sparkle with Case-Mate!


Inspired by the timeless appeal of silver metal, this case is sterlinguniquely crafted with pure silver dust and genuine sterling silver flakes. With a translucent polycarbonate finish this case is sure to get a second look. The elegant design is polished off with colour-coordinating metal button accents.

Not only will this case be a beautiful fashion piece, it will protect your iPhone 6 too. The unique Sterling case is a must-have accessory. Pair with your silver iPhone 6 for a stunning look!



Brilliance – Diamond

brilliance diamondDazzling with elegance, this case is extremely sophisticated with glittering, genuine crystals and a premium leather accent. Each crystal is thoughtfully selected and carefully placed to create an eye-catching shimmer.

Perfect for the day or night, the Brilliance case is sure to get you noticed.



Go on…treat yourself!!

Let us know what you think about the new arrivals, and don’t forget to share, tweet and like!

If these cases aren’t for you, don’t worry we have the perfect case for you at!

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