We were really excited to hear that Sony had finally announced its brand new flagship smartphone on Monday, the Xperia Z4. So far it’s only official in Japan but we know that after months of rumours you want the latest news about the device!

So if you’ve already got your heart set on this brand new device or if you’re not sure, we’ve rounded up the latest information on the Z4.

Sony Xperia Z4xperia z4

Only announced in Japan, there are still rumours circulating about a UK release date… But we do know that the Z4 reveals a 6.9mm thick metal and glass body, thinner than its predecessor, and has a 5.2” screen. Featuring a 20.7 megapixel camera and a new ‘Cooking Mode’ you will be able to take the best images of your favourite food ready to share with the world. The 5MP wide-angled front facing camera has been optimized to let you take the best selfies! It’s even water and dust resistant! Available in white, black, copper and aqua green there is no shortage of choice to suit your style.

We’ll keep you up to date with the latest news and of course a sneak peek at the cases we’ll be offering…

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